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Chequers Contracts

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Customer Focused Care

At Chequers we consider customer care the driving force for our reputation and success.

Our employees are trained to deal with all situations, including confrontation, in a professional and courteous manner. We are proud that our staff are always polite to members of the public and go the extra mile by engaging with them as much as possible in order to foster a good working relationship.

We are committed to ensuring that the pupils, staff, and residents of our clients are comfortable with our staff, our Site Attendance sheets will show a photograph and the name of the cleaner or service provider. We are proud to have a loyal and long-standing Operations workforce; this allows us to maintain relationships with the people we provide services for.

We value our customers’ opinions and views very highly and in order to allow us to continue our judicious customer service levels we carry out customer satisfaction surveys on a six monthly basis.