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Health & Safety

The company regards health and safety legislation as the minimum standard and is always in pursuit of excellence in relation to all its operations including health and safety and expects management to engender and adhere to this ethos. Chequers are fully accredited by CHAS, SMAS, and Safecontractor, and employs a full-time Health & Safety manager who carries the NEBOSH qualification and in addition to this, also engages the services of an external H&S law consultant. We are very proud to announce that in the latter half of 2012 we achieved our OHSAS 18001:2007 Health & Safety accreditaiton.

At Chequers, we take the Health & Safety of our clients, employees and persons with whom we come into contact with very seriously.

Health & Safety is first introduced to staff during the induction process. Our NEBOSH qualified Health & Safety manager provides an overview of how the policy and procedures work at Chequers. Each new staff member is provided with a copy of the H&S policy document and handbook which contains guidance and regulatory information to ensure they carry out their duties with consideration of the health, safety and the well-being of themselves and others. Chequers has introduced an online H&S course for all employees which is available in 30 languages to accommodate our ethnically diverse workforce and to ensure a thorough understanding of H&S requirements. The course enables staff to become CPD qualified in up to 47 different modules. The e-learning training course also identifies employee knowledge gaps, allowing us to react quickly and work proactively with employees to ensure they are fully trained to be able to carry out the tasks involved in their job. In addition to the above, the H&S manager runs refresher courses throughout the year bringing staff up to date on changes in the legislation and Chequers responses to that legislation.

All on site staff members are provided with C.O.S.H.H training relating to all materials and are updated on developments in H&S that bears affect on their performance of everyday operations. We have recently introduced a numbered labelling system that will allow our employees that have colour-blindness to distinguish the correct containers for hazardous materials and substances.

We retain the services of a specialist legal employment law company, who advise us on all current legislation, H&S and disciplinary issues. The company works closely with Chequers H&S Manager to review the company’s H&S policies and procedures, adherence to legislation and to conduct the annual audit.