We all know our British winters are unpredictable, but whether we experience another ‘Beast from the East’ or a white Christmas, you have a duty of care to protect your teams and visitors by preventing costly slips and falls because of ice.

Our comprehensive gritting service enables you to manage your liability and the impact of cold weather by ensuring you have the support services you need, when you need them. By planning ahead. you don’t need to keep an eye of the weather forecast, we’ll manage everything for you meaning you’re leaving nothing to chance.

Services are automatically triggered by Met Office forecast, so there’s no action for you to take and your surfaces will be gritted as soon as it’s needed.

Pricing is agreed in advance with the flexibility to pay monthly or on a cost per call out basis. There are no hidden increases or charges no matter how many times you need us.

Our service promise means we will always be available so you will never be left at risk.

Contact our/Churchill Group’s HelpPoint team today to arrange your service cover so that you’re prepared whatever the weather.

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