Window Cleaning

We utilise techniques that enable us to clean windows from the ground or at height. As part of our environmental commitment, we use no chemicals when window cleaning, utilising de-ionised water and purifying water via a filter system within our vehicles.

From the Ground

Reach and Wash

We use van mounted water fed pole systems. Each van carries poles that will stretch to 80ft. This makes it possible to clean windows up to 6-7 storeys without having to leave the floor.

Traditional Ladders

Ladders are used in situations where other means of access or water fed poles are not suitable e.g. low level windows, tight access situations and inside building cleaning.

Access Platforms

We can call upon a range of different types of static, self propelled or vehicle mounted booms, lifts and platforms. Our truck mounted access platforms that can reach as high as 52 metres.

At Height


If your building has a cradle runway system, then our fully trained operatives utilise your cradle to clean your windows.

Rope Access

Where floor based window cleaning approaches aren’t suitable and where cradles aren’t in place, we can clean your windows using ropes and abseiling down your building. This skilled work is carried out by highly trained and certified operatives.

Awards and accreditations:

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