Chequers Charge to Sustainability

January brings forth a new year of excellence, collaboration and one of our core values, sustainability. With an ever-changing city landscape, an innovative new scheme has Chequers Contract Services leading the charge for a greener London.

Nissan e NV-200

A new Transport for London initiative called Go Ultra Low City (GULCS) has enabled boroughs to work alongside businesses to boost their green footprint. During 2018, Chequers Contract Services achieved a fantastic feat by reducing their personal Carbon footprint by 31% and adding a fully electric vehicle to our fleet.

In conjunction with Croydon Council, our first electric van is a true pioneer within the realm of electric powered vehicles. The Zero Emission Nissan e-NV200 boasts a 40WH battery, rapid charge capability of only 60 minutes, maximum cargo capacity of 4.2m³ and 770kg load.

Chequers Contract Services were also certified with a Gold rating by Carbon Smart, the U. K’s premier body who actively measure the sustainability of British businesses.  The Carbon Smart Certified Gold rating was awarded for our tireless dedication to sustainability.

The addition of 40 public charging points across 24 locations within the Croydon borough works in tandem with our new addition. The single charge on the van’s battery can last 150 miles. This allows us to seamlessly navigate throughout the city without incurring the TFL Congestion Charge.  The Nissan electric vehicle is exempt with an extremely cost-effective charge at only 2p per mile.

Renault TWIZY

Chequers Contract Services long term commitment to sustainability is cemented with plans for additions to our electric fleet. Our fully electric car, the Renault Twizy has become the staple for our Contract Managers. Its compact size allows employees to attend meetings, site maintenance and more with zero emissions.

As the buzzword of sustainability rings loud throughout the capital, we at Chequers Contract Services will be moving forward with the times in the greenest way possible.

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