‘Extraordinary’ role of cleaners recognised in UK Parliament

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn have praised the extraordinary role of cleaners during the Coronavirus crisis in Parliament yesterday.


The Prime Minister and the Leader of the Labour Party were taking part in Prime Minister’s Questions when Mr Corbyn paid tribute to the unsung heroes keeping us safe during the outbreak.


He added: “I’d like to pay special mention to one group that are hugely ignored, forgotten and decried as unskilled workers cleaners. All around the country and in this building, (they) are doing their best to keep our places hygienic and safe.”


The Prime Minister replied: “I agree with him very much about what he said about cleaners, they do an extraordinary job and they deserve all the protection and support we can give them in this difficult time.”


A massive thank you to all our cleaning teams from all your Chequers colleagues for all your hard work in these challenging times. We couldn’t do it without you.

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